Love them or hate them celebrities are taking personal brands to another level which is making it more and more difficult for small businesses not to take notice of their tactics, if they wish to compete and dominate in an already over saturated marketplace.

I believe it is important to learn the tricks and strategies from these mega star celebrities so we can boost our marketing activities and it doesn’t have to cost mega bucks!

With low entry costs to market and the brilliance of social media it has never been easier to reach millions of people from the comforts of your PC use aqua paradise san diego.  That is why, creating a powerful  brand has never been so important when looking to stand out from  your competitors.  Think about it; the emergence of YouTube, Instagram and Twitter has turned ordinary people into overnight celebrities with followers (known fondly as tribes) in the millions!

Creating tribes is lucrative business.  They become a ripe market to better endorse and sell products.  Think Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Oprah and Gaga!   But no one does it better than the Kardashians.  This family are experts in harnessing social media to create relationships and promote their products to their fans and the media.  They have successfully secured corporate sponsorship for TV shows, fragrances, books, and multiple spin offs.

So what do you need to do to turn a bland, characterless product or service into a brand worthy of a rocks star?

Perceived As an Expert in Your Sector

It’s not enough to say you’re an expert in your field because bluffing at your ‘topic’ will take you part of the way on your entrepreneurial journey but nothing beats hard work and diligence if you want to stay the course.  Keep on developing your tools with ongoing learning, research and conversations to keep relevant to your customers. To develop the mindset of an entrepreneur takes diligence and discipline if you want to be considered a respected expert in your field.

It’s all great feeling you are an expert but you have to eliminate the confusion in the market place and amongst your competitors.  This will require a professional and polished approach to your brand strategy and execution.  It is important to find the appropriate platforms to communicate your value and abilities in a coherent and consistent manner to ensure that your message is not only appealing but adds credibility to your offering as it evidences what you claim to be able to do.

Embrace Your Feminine DNA

A great way to enhance your brand proposition is to ensure that it embodies your key personality traits.  Many women play down their femininity thinking it’s detrimental to their success but I feel this is a big mistake.

What you might consider as flaws will be seen as positive traits by your ideal customers.  Remember not everyone will like you or what you have to offer in the business space but embrace the freedom that developing and executing an authentic brand will bring to you.

Remember a brand is more than just the logo, website or font – it’s a personality that speaks to the heart of its customers.  Your brand will communicate your values, beliefs and ethos.  Whether it’s the materialist shock values of the Kardashians; the cultural, entrepreneurial savviness of Jennifer Lopez or the spiritual, positivity of your personal history like Oprah – use it to your advantage.

Strategically Build and Manage Your brand

When Barack Obama was a mere outsider running for the White House in 2008 against the formidable Hilary Clinton, his team designed and implemented the most successful (and expensive) online and social media campaign in presidential campaigning history.

His brand buzz was able to resonate with a number of demographics and ethnicities around the country (and world).  It was authentic, relevant, and different.  They didn’t focus on his lack of experience; middle name of Hussein or being raised by a single mother but his strengths.  He had great oratory skills, chemistry and more importantly people felt it was time for a change.

He gave us ads on X boxes and even wrote a YouTube smash hit song for the campaign.  Through his campaign he was able to build trust and loyalty with his tribes and his consistent brand messages meant his positive interactions were increasing his credibility and establishing him as a serious leader in the campaign.

Not only did voter registration increase he was able to get his tribe to plan off line activities to support his campaign e.g. events and grass roots activities.  Without a doubt he made McCain look like he was napping through that campaign.

But how will this help you?

Many of the strategies used by the campaign team can be tailored and used in your business today.  This is why it’s important to strategically tailor your business message and focus on commonalities for maximum effectiveness.  Barack Obama did this with amazing effectiveness with his “Change We Can Believe In” brand.

So if you are looking to put the mega into your brand, put tools in place so that you understand how you’re marketing activities are perceived in the market place. As a small business owner, don’t under estimate the value of taking the time to develop and craft a compelling personal brand in order to turn it into a profitable corporate brand based on your core values and authentic DNA.