Power of giving

While we try to operate under a revolving COVID19 agenda, some leaders have demonstrated a predictable ‘dog eat dog’ mentality as they crumble, just like their unstainable business model e.g. TM Lewin, Warehouse Group and Debenhams to name a few.

But on the flip side, where leaders (at varying levels) have come together to support, share and lend a helping hand to ensure people are coping during this pandemic, we have seen a coming together in business which has been missing for a long time.  Whether it’s offering a short term contract, a presence on webinar (all the rage now) or simply calling to check in, this makes a difference to those who may feel isolated during this time.  But this is the time to master your networks and continue to build relationships going forward in the new normal.  We will never get this time again.

I asked award winning trainer, speaker and coach Jenny Garett what she felt about this and she responded.

“We all stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us so it’s natural then to seek out mentors and experienced business people to help us. Entrepreneurs are mostly incredibly generous but there shouldn’t be an expectation that they give their time, platform and expertise away constantly for free, after all they are still running a business!

Too often those who ‘give’ are called upon time and time against give more and more until they reach burnout, with no acknowledgement of what has driven them there.

When you approach someone to support you, what is your positive intention?

  • Do you intend to give something in return, even if you can’t do so straight away?
  • Do you ask the person what could be helpful to them, personally or professionally?
  • Do you speak well of them and amplify their message on social media?
  • Or do you expect, feel entitled and forgot that when the Entrepreneur has said ’yes’ to support you, they have said ‘no’ to something else!”

So start reaching out and brushing up your contacts.  You will never have this time again.


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