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Is Developing a Successful Business the Same as Achieving Purpose?

Today there is so much talk about purpose that it has become synonymous with success when we talk about business. However, in order to develop a successful business you have to define what success means to YOU.  Too many people equate success to running a global business with unlimited material trappings and a media profile [...]

Network Like a Connected Woman

What’s blocking your success? In PricewaterhouseCoopers' 2016 "Women in the Workplace" report, the study found that men were more networked with other men than women were. That may be obvious to those who network on a regular basis, but they worked out the math: Men: 37 percent networked mostly with other men; nine percent, mostly [...]

3 Factors That Could Be Holding You Back in Business

  In the Shattering Stereotypes, Women in Entrepreneurship Report Women explained that they are as growth-oriented as their male counterparts, but wanted to grow their business in a different way. Over the years, I continuously hear that women lack confidence; face cultural bias and discriminatory practices which is why they do not take risks in [...]