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3 Factors That Could Be Holding You Back in Business In the Shattering Stereotypes, Women in Entrepreneurship Report Women explained that they are as growth-oriented as their male counterparts, but wanted to grow their business [...]

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Improving Your Business Footprint Calling all micropreneurs and entrepreneurs, does your business footprint help you to attract more customers; exploit unseen opportunities and improve your response to the demands of your customers? If not, then [...]

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Why Failing Forward is Still a Good Thing in Business It’s all about perception.  In the UK bankruptcy is seen as a failure whereas in the USA, many investors do not back business owners if [...]

Let’s Hear It from the Girls

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In a recently published report, albeit one which the government would prefer working women not to see, it was controversially made public that the number of women forced out of their jobs, through pregnancy and [...]

5 Branding Lessons From Coca Cola

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No matter how many business sessions I host, the number one question is “how do I brand more effectively?” Well, if we look at the phenomenon called Coca Cola there are some very simple but [...]

Create Winning Habits

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If you are looking for more clarity and insight to achieve your unfulfilled goals, then this is the perfect place to kick start the changes you want to see your business. Get Things Done Are [...]