How are you going to build a career or business that has meaningful impact and brings genuine satisfaction to your life in 2020?

Irrespective of Brexit and the depressing High Street forecasts, I believe there is still a feeling of optimism and clarity for those striving to accomplish a higher career and business vision.   They are keen to have more clarity about what they want and removing what is holding them back.  But more importantly, they are going to take direct action to make it happen.

We all make mistakes, but it’s what you learn from the experience that matters?  It’s quite easy to get comfortable being stressed and overwhelmed in your busy-ness but what is going to make the difference that makes the difference going forward?  Here are my three tips to focus on in January: –

1. Rethink What Success Means To You

Plan your vision of where you want to be, write it down and set your goals!

The first thing you need to do is define if you are living your dream, your bosses vision or simply chasing the big bucks without a feeling of true authenticity whilst delivering your services and products.  You clients and customers are more socially conscious and your company’s values and beliefs should reflect this.

I am sure you have set some plan for the year to ensure that you are heading to your BIG vision.  Create or retune your mindset so that you have clarity and are focused on your goals which can be difficult after a long break.

It’s more powerful to say no to the distractions that show up when you are striving to build the business of your dreams or look at focusing on your career progression.  Get comfortable with the power of no!  It’s about protecting your energy so you can concentrate on accomplishing your goals, seeing the results manifest each day, week, month year etc. Confirm all your actions are taking you towards not away from your vision.

At the end of the day, all your actions should ensure that you are in the right place.

2. Drink More Water

If you don’t fancy going to the gym or investing in a new diet plan this month, believe it or not if you want to increase your productivity, drink more water!

Research has shown dehydration can impair short-term memory, focus and decision making, which are all characteristics one would ideally NOT like to see in a productive entrepreneur.   Listen to what your body is saying to you.

If you become dehydrated, it affects your mental capacity, performance and speed of responding to your business demands. Research shows that over 50% of entrepreneurs are suffering from some form of mental illness, so the negative effects of dehydration on cognitive performance and mood are really important for your long term well-being and self-care strategy.

Drink more water to ensure you avoid the impact that dehydration over time will have on diminishing your alertness and worsening your concentration.

3. Building a CEO mindset

With technological advancements, the growth of the gig economy and the expectations of the millennials on employment and buying behaviour, traditional leadership practices are not going to cut it going forward.

Research tells us that the quality of leadership and management is the key to success but are you still operating like an employee rather than a CEO?

In the current complex and fast changing business climate you will be making rigorous, fact-based decisions. Which means you will need to develop a new set of skills to make decisions using judgment and intuition.  You only have to see what has happened to retail giants like Debenhams, HMV and other retailers who have not adapted to the challenge of change and transformation.

Developing a CEO mindset means you should be drawn to new opportunities and challenges.  There should be a focus on potential, but knowing how to take action in the present to create the future you want to see.  Build greater capacity and passion for learning, rather than depending on past accomplishments and credentials as the predictor of success.

Be open to risk taking, embracing change, take action persistently, pursue initiatives, focus on what matters and seeing the bigger picture. Remember, business as usual is not an option!

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