Many of us believe that when we start our business we will automatically achieve great levels of success, simply because we want it and we are prepared to work hard to achieve it.

However, the reality of business life with its setbacks, challenges and roadblocks can cause us greater levels of fear rather than success, as we go after our dreams of financial freedom and meaning.

Before you know it, your self-sabotaging fear becomes a comfortable friend that sits like a boulder blocking you actualising your dreams. It will stop you from accomplishing the goals that will help you achieve greater levels of success in your business?

We all experience feelings of fear, but the key is to learn how to demystify and use fear to our advantage to ensure that our business blossoms and flourishes. We must come to the realisation that fear should not be an obstacle standing in the way of our success because it keeps us safe and very unhappy.

The fear of failure, poverty, change or being taken advantage of, is prevalent in many of our lives and it is crucial that we keep in mind that what we think we will act out in our business. Fear is simply an emotional reaction and we can create and change a new way to move forward in our business.

When we our ability to thrive and access abundance in our business that means we are not coming from a place of wisdom, but from a place of scarcity with the expectation of failure and disappointment.

So ladies, if you want to accomplish greater things in your business you have to adopt different priorities, goals and expectations of yourself and those around you. Self belief about your abilities is crucial as this acts as a self motivator to overcome potential hurdles and obstacles that will inevitably come your way.

Many people in business faced a lot of opposition from family and friends when they said they were going into business. You need to work on your self confidence and esteem to know that you have what it takes to succeed.? It takes the same energy to convince yourself that you are going to fail as it does to succeed. Keep away from the gossips and emotional vampires.

So in closing, mo matter where you are in business, no matter what level you’re at here are my 5 business tips for overcoming fear.

  1. Have a very clear, overarching vision of what success looks like in your business.
  2. Develop a mindset for success and choose what you focus on wisely.
  3. Set SMART goals then chunk these activities down into smaller goals or milestones.
  4. Take action, evaluate, improve and take more action.
  5. Don’t stop!

Here’s to kicking fear to the curb in your business!