Calling all micropreneurs and entrepreneurs, does your business footprint help you to attract more customers; exploit unseen opportunities and improve your response to the demands of your customers?

If not, then you are missing a great opportunity to take your business brand to the next level, reach your customers faster and leaner.

How does this work?

Did you know that every email, post, photo and click you make online creates an eco-system based on your online connectivity?

No. As we have learnt from the recent Facebook scandal, your digital footprint is used to obtain personal info about you, such as demographics, religion, political affiliations or interests to help organisations influence your buying habits.

Can this activity help you to better understand and meet the needs of your customers?  You bet it can!

Be current

Whether you like it or not we are living in an internet driven world which crosses over into our personal, professional and business life.

Your content is your calling card to the world.  It is a virtual biography of your business; so not only does your content need to be compelling, it needs to be authentic, professional and honest.

No matter what stage you’re at, if you want to grow your business, mobile marketing strategy should not be taken lightly.  Keep connected with your customers with a strategy that helps your business communicate and shop via their smartphones and tablets.

Manage your brand online

Your mobile marketing strategy means you take control of your online brand.

Ego means you focus on the number of followers the business has but the strategic entrepreneur will focus on the engagement activities and online behaviour of their customers e.g. testimonials, shared content or reviews to monitor how well your brand is doing.

But beware…..

Firstly, we have all seen and heard about social media blunders including #WalkersWave or when Laura Goodman, co-owner of Italian restaurant Carlini, incited her own meat scandal on Facebook by claiming to have ‘spiked’ a vegan customer’s food.

Secondly, be careful how you respond to your customers online and ensure that you avoid getting drawn into a heated debate online in a public forum.  It is never a good look.


With a projected 6.1bn smartphone users globally by 2020, its vital that you take control of your digital footprint to cultivate your online communication through your mobile marketing strategy.

Doing so is a continuous and evolving process as technology advances, but remember it is worth the effort in the long run.