How to Achieve Big Breakthroughs in Your Business, with Sonia Brown MBE

What You’ll Learn

  • Sonia’s top tips on how to achieve big breakthroughs in your business
  • Why you need to understand and identify your fears
  • How to turn fear into a driver
  • Why it’s so important to be personable
  • How to create a new support structure

Mayor Boris Johnson celebrated this year’s Black History Month event at City Hall on Monday 7 October2013.

The event focused on the history of Black businesses and entrepreneurs in Britain, exploring the past, present and future. This is a topic which resonates with many of London’s communities, and the Mayor wanted to use this occasion to highlight the work he is doing to support the small and medium sized enterprise sector in the capital.

Watch the video where Sonia Brown MBE talks trends, factors and motivation for Black Business start up and growth in the UK.