5 Branding Lessons From Coca Cola

No matter how many business sessions I host, the number one question is “how do I brand more effectively?” Well, if we look at the phenomenon called Coca Cola there are some very simple but vital lessons we can learn about branding that can be implemented straight away in your business. Simply put, branding is [...]

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Camerons Cabinet Reshuffle: Sexism or Inspiration?

This month’s reshuffle in the Conservative cabinet has raised serious questions in the media over Prime Minister, David Cameron’s reasons to promote more women this time around.  With one male, senior Tory member being quoted as saying: ‘This really is the worst form of tokenistic gesture politics. Merit is out of the window’ and Lord [...]

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Are You Focussed On The Right Things?

How do you start out each business day?  Overwhelmed and stressed or empowered and focussed. Too many people are running around in their business day emotionally and physically disorganised and chaotic; hiding behind an “I’m so busy” ritualistic schedule.  This may work in the short term (if you are lucky) but it is not an [...]

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Why it’s Not Impossible to Create a Megastar Brand

Love them or hate them celebrities are taking personal brands to another level which is making it more and more difficult for small businesses not to take notice of their tactics, if they wish to compete and dominate in an already over saturated marketplace. I believe it is important to learn the tricks and strategies [...]

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