If you are looking for that extra “WOW” factor for your conference, seminar or training event then why not book Sonia.

Sonia is a well sought out speaker who is able to tap into her phenomenal life experience and background as a business woman and coach to inspire, empower and connect to her audience.


You will not be disappointed as Sonia promises to entertain, educate and energise whilst creating a memorable experience that leaves the audience captivated and engaged. A great storyteller, with natural charisma and authenticity, Sonia delivers her powerful message in a warm, fun and uplifting manner which sets her apart from other motivational keynote and business speakers on the circuit.

Not only is she committed to helping people find their passion and confidence, she has the extraordinary ability to deliver insightful and informative messages that encourages her audience to achieve and create positive results in their career, business and life.

She is described as charismatic, enthusiastic, refreshing, motivating and challenging. Without a doubt, Sonia is the obvious choice for your event.


Based on the findings from her best-selling book, Sonia looks at how women are dispelling the myths in enterprise to redefine the way they do business.

With the collapse of industry giants and combative competition styles, the way women do business is changing. This informative presentation explains why women should be more excited about starting and running businesses in the downturn, no matter their background, experience or age.


  • The Economic case for the women’s business agenda
  • Understand how to start and grow your business to your strengths
  • Unleash your feminine spirit to play bigger and bolder in busines

“Sonia is a force for supporting women into entrepreneurship, motivating, running high energy events which encourage women entrepreneurs to strive for increased business success; persist in the face of all challenges; network and get out there. She is inspirational while remaining totally professional, she makes sure events run smoothly, can think on her feet, maintains powerful networks, always powers up the audience to aim higher, be more effective, go the extra mile.”
Hilary Farnworth, Olderpreneur Champion & Manager Centre for Micro Enterprise
“Sonia works enormously hard to both inspire women to become entrepreneurs and help them identify practical next steps to achieve this. Her success is her drive to make entrepreneurship accessible to women, engaging people on the entrepreneurial journey and exceeding their expectations of themselves!”
Elizabeth Crowther-Hunt LVO, Chief Executive, Westminster Business Council
“Sonia is a passionate supporter of Women’s Enterprise. Her commitment to encouraging entrepreneurship is supported by hosting workshops to promote a positive personal brand and increase confidence is invaluable to hundreds of women.”
Karen Birch, Founder, www.3rdi.co.uk
“Sonia has worked tirelessly to promote the role of entrepreneurship. She is a consummate professional with an amazing ability to connect politicians, policy makers and individuals in order to champion business ownership.”
Kiki Maurey, Founder, Success4You
If you do not take time to strengthen and build your brand, someone else will do it for you Whether you are working for an organisation or selling products and services, everyone has a brand which will make you stand out in a crowded market place or break you! Stop making excuses for your poor strategy; it’s time to focus on developing and maximising your actions to achieve the success you deserve. Whether your looking to propel your career or business to greater heights, this presentation looks at how you communicate your story without losing the essence and integrity of who you are.


  • Discover how to create and implement a compelling, authentic and believable brand
  • Learn how to communicate your brand with passion, panache and profits
  • Unleash the rock star in your brand

The Brand You session was structured and very well presented, Sonia’s style was engaging and good group participation with the interactive tasks was clearly evident. I found the session thought provoking and the information on developing a compelling branding message, customer profile, brand perceptions and values were all very useful tools as well as ideas on customer attraction techniques.

“Sonia’s presentation was very useful for keeping up to date with changes in the market place and a finger on the pulse in such competitive working environments.”
Lynne Singerton, Business Development Strategy Manager
With jobs at a historical low, how do you turn your powerful ideas into profitable businesses during the entrepreneurial revolution?

Based on her dynamic business programme which works with industry leaders and highly esteemed entrepreneurs, Sonia shares her top steps for Turning Ordinary Ventures Into Extraordinary Businesses using her own successful track record and strategies. As a well-respected entrepreneur in her own right, Sonia shares industry secrets, practices and thinking to those looking to take their business to the next level and beyond.

Aimed at micro and small businesses, this presentation is packed with valuable information, case studies and examples to implement in your business straight away for greater productivity, profits and peace!


  • Propel your business forward with the latest marketing strategies
  • Receive up to date information about accessing start up and growth capital
  • Learn the secrets of business of acclaimed and proven entrepreneurs to skyrocket your income
“Sonia is highly committed to supporting the growth of enterprise and works with a wide range of people to promote enterprise and entrepreneurship across all communities in the UK.”
Debra Blisson, Entrepreneur and Business Consultant
“Sonia’s passion and energy for making a positive change to female entrepreneurship in the UK is outstanding. She is a true inspiration and I feel very lucky to have her in my ‘circle of trust.”
Sarah Marti, Founder, Ladiesat11
“Evolve has been a life transforming journey. It forced me to critically look at my business and the ways in which I conduct affairs. Teaching me to engage in task that produce high yields and stop wasting time doing the stuff that simply does not bring in tangible business. It’s allowed me to have more confidence in my business and to be bold in my dealings. Sonia’s positive energy is infectious and you just can’t help but catch it!”
Suzy Lambo, CEO
“As someone fairly new to running a business, Evolve provided me with clarity and focus about what was needed in order to grow my business in the direction that I want it to go. Not only is Sonia an inspiration, she provided the challenge that I needed in order to push myself that extra mile. I have by far exceeded the level of success I could have expected to achieve on my own as a result of her astute business sense.”
Carol Stewart, Founder, Abounding Solutions

With the increase in faith led businesses and her work amongst religious groups, Sonia shares her 10 Commandments of starting and growing a faith led business in a secular market place.


  • Understand why vision, self mastery and building a business based on passion, purpose and profits will drive your destiny
  • Learn how to lead from the heart without compromising your values
  • Building your soul success based on perspective, perception and prosperity
“Sonia has been a real inspiration to Christian Women in Business and women aspiring to become business women.She is invigorating and motivational and has a sincere and heartfelt passion to see women strive to reach their fullest potential.Over the years I have had firsthand experience of her dedication and commitment to this cause and know we will see many more of our Christian women owning and running successful businesses.”
Joyce Fletcher, National Women Ministry Director, COGOP
“Before hearing Sonia speak, I never thought of the company as God’s business nor a ministry platform. Sonia has given me that perspective and the formal framework for running the business as Christ would.”
Bev White, CEO, Forever Living

Diversity & Inclusion is a critical driver for sustainable business success and requires constant vigilance and competent leadership and management. Whether it’s increasing representation; improving your corporate social responsibility, religious and spiritual impact or reducing generational differences how do practitioners know what models are effective and measure metrics that matter in a challenging market place.


  • Examine approaches to integrating diversity and inclusion into the entire organization’s processes, systems, and performance management
  • Compare and contrast strategies and practices for successful change and effective talent management
  • Share case studies from senior leaders across industries diversity and inclusion for strategic planning
  • Assess current progress
“Sonia is able to bring all her professional acumen to an arena that seeks to improve society.”
Simon Woolley, Director OBV and Commissioner for Equality and Human Rights Commission
“Sonia is passionate about her businesses and about making a positive, sustainable change at a national level to drive business growth and entrepreneurship, and to develop leaders who engender and motivate more diverse workforces. She truly connects with individuals at all levels across many sectors and is very effective at bringing people together to achieve shared goals and aspirations.”
Juliet Armstrong, Partner, Tthe Berkeley Partnership
“I am amazed by professionalism and desire to assist entrepreneurs to embark on their vision and mission. Her dynamic energy to follow her dreams in assisting women is one that many will find difficult not to notice. Sonia is always my first point of contact whenever I have issues that pertain to women and ethnic minority entrepreneurs because I believe in her reliability to pursue matters avidly and selflessly.”
Sheila Harris Williams, Founder and CEO, Business Service Support

With life throwing more curve balls than you’d like how do you develop the resilience and ‘bounce back’ to rise above the’ stuff’ to remain at the top of your game?

You don’t have to be born with resilience to survive in enterprise; you just have to have the determination and ability to harness your skills, acumen and experience to rise and make a comeback when challenges come your way.

Sonia shares how she used her personal beliefs, inner strength and ‘can do’ attitude to overcome the adversity, disappointment and setbacks in business.


  • Acquire tools on how to overcome self doubt and setbacks
  • Learn how to flex your bounce back muscle and become solution focused
  • Inspires women to overcome the limiting behaviours that stop them achieving greater success in their business
“Sonia is passionate about not just enterprise but enterprising people. Her big heart, stellar business knowledge and acumen and her sassy, straight up approach makes Sonia one of the most highly respected peers and mentors.”
“Sonia is a dynamic and driven individual, focused and professional in all she does. She is a charming and motivational presenter and has been successful in inspiring a whole range of women to start up and profesionalise their businesses. I am amazed at what she has done over the years and proud to support her in her future endeavours.”
Diane Edwards, General Manager , J Wray and Nephew

With bank bashing becoming the new British pastime, how do entrepreneurs get the retail banks to hear their concerns and support their growth?

Long considered the backbone of the British economy, the small and micro entrepreneur struggle to start and grown businesses in the numbers that will create the much needed jobs the country needs. The process of locating and securing finance can be challenging even for the most experienced business owner so what more needs to be done to ensure that banks are responding to the needs of their customers and letting us know they are open for business.