In a recently published report, albeit one which the government would prefer working women not to see, it was controversially made public that the number of women forced out of their jobs, through pregnancy and post pregnancy has almost doubled in the last ten years. The new report, focusing on workplace discrimination, was seemingly released with the minimum of fuss and fanfare, in a bid to keep the bad news for working women firmly under wraps. So, in a time where women are encouraged to do it all, are they still being discriminated against in the battle for work life balance? […]

3 Reasons

I am a great advocator for entrepreneurs operating from home because I know it offers the greatest potential for long term growth.  In fact, they contributed 19% of the entire business turnover in 2014 which is no small feat when the UK is coming out of a long term recession. Not only is it considered professional, running a home business offers great advantages when you are just starting out or growing your operation.  The most common benefits include lower overheads, no business rates; excessive rents and in some cases the chance to offset the cost against taxes.  If you don’t believe me, let me name a few iconic businesses that started from home – Dyson, Microsoft and Disney to name a few. Don’t under-estimate the power of starting small.  Once you sort out insurance, regulation and potentially permission from your landlord (if you are in rented, social or public housing) you are good to go. It is important to take into account that running a business from home means you have to be self-disciplined, focused and confident to work in isolation for long periods of time.


How to Let Your Social Media Breakdown Be Your Digital Breakthrough
You may think of social media as purely a personal indulgence. Sharing your favourite photos on Facebook, or following the current trends on Twitter. If you’re running a business and that’s all you’re using it for then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to give your business the breakthrough it may need.

Marketing experts now estimate that to truly optimise your digital footprint, a business should be active on seven different social networks.

Did you even realise there were that many? Of course Facebook and Twitter and the big two, but, dependent on the area your business operates in, there are other networks that could really boost your reputation.

Whichever network you prefer, don’t make the mistake of neglecting the others. They all offer the opportunity to interact and connect with your customers (and potential customers) like never before. They are all provide a fantastic way to build a community to enhance your brand, allow direct interaction with customers to build loyalty and act as a fantastic way to reflect your company’s values. Their immediacy gives you real-time interactions in a number of innovative ways. […]

5 Branding Lessons From Coca Cola No matter how many business sessions I host, the number one question is “how do I brand more effectively?” Well, if we look at the phenomenon called Coca Cola there are some very simple but vital lessons we can learn about branding that can be implemented straight away in your business. Simply put, branding is a way of communicating to the world what your company stands for across a number of platforms. It’s not just about your logo, it’s about your values, beliefs and your promise.  It’s about taking the time to fully understand the concept. Done well, your brand will enable you to differentiate your product and service; command a favourable market position and generate greater business benefits.  Done poorly then not only will you be in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, but you can guarantee that your business will be limping along until it fails.