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3 Reasons Why You Should Start A Business From Home

I am a great advocator for entrepreneurs operating from home because I know it offers the greatest potential for long term growth.  In fact, they contributed 19% of the entire business turnover in 2014 which is no small feat when the UK is coming out of a long term recession. Not only is it considered professional, running a home business offers great advantages when you are just starting out or growing your operation.  The most common benefits include lower overheads, no business rates; excessive rents and in some cases the chance to offset the cost against taxes.  If you don’t believe me, let me name a few iconic businesses that started from home – Dyson, Microsoft and Disney to name a few. Don’t under-estimate the power of starting small.  Once you sort out insurance, regulation and potentially permission from your landlord (if you are in rented, social or public housing) you are good to go. It is important to take into account that running a business from home means you have to be self-disciplined, focused and confident to work in isolation for long periods of time.


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How to Let Your Social Media Breakdown Be Your Digital Breakthrough

You may think of social media as purely a personal indulgence. Sharing your favourite photos on Facebook, or following the current trends on Twitter. If you’re running a business and that’s all you’re using it for then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to give your business the breakthrough it may need. Marketing experts now estimate that to truly optimise your digital footprint, a business should be active on seven different social networks. Did you even realise there were that many? Of course Facebook and Twitter and the big two, but, dependent on the area your business operates in, there are other networks that could really boost your reputation. Whichever network you prefer, don’t make the mistake of neglecting the others. They all offer the opportunity to interact and connect with your customers (and potential customers) like never before. They are all provide a fantastic way to build a community to enhance your brand, allow direct interaction with customers to build loyalty and act as a fantastic way to reflect your company’s values. Their immediacy gives you real-time interactions in a number of innovative ways.

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5 Branding Lessons From Coca Cola

No matter how many business sessions I host, the number one question is “how do I brand more effectively?” Well, if we look at the phenomenon called Coca Cola there are some very simple but vital lessons we can learn about branding that can be implemented straight away in your business. Simply put, branding is a way of communicating to the world what your company stands for across a number of platforms. It’s not just about your logo, it’s about your values, beliefs and your promise.  It’s about taking the time to fully understand the concept. Done well, your brand will enable you to differentiate your product and service; command a favourable market position and generate greater business benefits.  Done poorly then not only will you be in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, but you can guarantee that your business will be limping along until it fails.

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Camerons Cabinet Reshuffle: Sexism or Inspiration?

This month’s reshuffle in the Conservative cabinet has raised serious questions in the media over Prime Minister, David Cameron’s reasons to promote more women this time around.  With one male, senior Tory member being quoted as saying: ‘This really is the worst form of tokenistic gesture politics. Merit is out of the window’ and Lord Ashcroft tweeting: “The impending ministerial reshuffle will be determined by optics rather than ability….”, it is still undecided whether the shift is due to Cameron’s desire for a stronger party to lead his country with, or a stronger chance to keep the keys for No.10 at the next election.  If the latter is the case he may be sorely disappointed, as in a recent poll commissioned by The Mirror highlighted, only one 1 in 5 people said the results of the reshuffle have improved their belief in the Tory Party.  Sadly though, an improved view does not necessarily lead to a vote.

So back to the main story. The appointment of three female cabinet ministers, Liz Truss, Nicky Morgan and Esther McVey, has meant that Cameron’s has succeeded in his promise that one in three cabinet members to be female has come to fruition with 8 out of 27 ministers now being women.  But is that the extent of the Prime Minister’s reasoning behind appointing these three (without a doubt) educated and dedicated women to fulfil his promise for more of a gender balance in the cabinet?  Perhaps that is too cynical and they are actually there to fulfil the dream that they trained for, studied for and fought tooth and nail to achieve; to be an equal member of the Conservative Party with as much of a voice and opportunity to make changes for the better as the man next to her.  Believe me, the jury is still out.  […]

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Are You Focussed On The Right Things?

How do you start out each business day?  Overwhelmed and stressed or empowered and focussed.

Too many people are running around in their business day emotionally and physically disorganised and chaotic; hiding behind an “I’m so busy” ritualistic schedule.  This may work in the short term (if you are lucky) but it is not an ideal way to grow your business in the long term.

This month find one area that you are passionate about improving in your business and make it your priority to develop, nurture and grow it.  Just like a body builder, who works on one muscle meticulously and consistently day after day until they get the perfect bicep, they focus on one area of their body at a time.  Not only will they exercise, lift weights and eat correctly until they get the results they want, when it comes to another area of their body, they apply an equally focussed and different process to achieve an a successful result until the whole body is as perfect as can be.  We must use this perspective when we look at different areas of our business and put in place a plan to meet the desired goal. […]

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Why it’s Not Impossible to Create a Megastar Brand

Love them or hate them celebrities are taking personal brands to another level which is making it more and more difficult for small businesses not to take notice of their tactics, if they wish to compete and dominate in an already over saturated marketplace.

I believe it is important to learn the tricks and strategies from these mega star celebrities so we can boost our marketing activities and it doesn’t have to cost mega bucks!

With low entry costs to market and the brilliance of social media it has never been easier to reach millions of people from the comforts of your PC use aqua paradise san diego.  That is why, creating a powerful  brand has never been so important when looking to stand out from  your competitors.  Think about it; the emergence of YouTube, Instagram and Twitter has turned ordinary people into overnight celebrities with followers (known fondly as tribes) in the millions! […]

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Is Fear and Doubt Crippling Your Business?

Many of us believe that when we start our business we will automatically achieve great levels of success, simply because we want it and we are prepared to work hard to achieve it.
However, the reality of business life with its setbacks, challenges and roadblocks can cause us greater levels of fear rather than success, as we go after our dreams of financial freedom and meaning.
Before you know it, your self-sabotaging fear becomes a comfortable friend that sits like a boulder blocking you actualising your dreams. It will stop you from accomplishing the goals that will help you achieve greater levels of success in your business?
We all experience feelings of fear, but the key is to learn how to demystify and use fear to our advantage to ensure that our business blossoms and flourishes. We must come to the realisation that fear should not be an obstacle standing in the way of our success because it keeps us safe and very unhappy. […]

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Create Winning Habits

If you are looking for more clarity and insight to achieve your unfulfilled goals, then this is the perfect place to kick start the changes you want to see your business.
Get Things Done

Are your current habits stopping you from achieving your highest goals in your business?
Do you find that you are often suffering from fear and procrastination when you have to make those BIG decisions?
Is your inner critique stopping you from finishing things that you have started

Well if you answered yes, then it’s time to get things done!

It is not enough to simply want more money, more clients and more joy in your business; you have to learn to be strong, focussed and motivated to take positive action to accomplish your goals. This means that you have to adopt different priorities, goals and expectations of yourself so you stop amassing a pile of unfinished projects. […]

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